Vision Statement

The company adheres to the policy of Quality First, takes Customer Demand as the standard of work, adopts systematic quality management, actively employs the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System and improves its quality management system according to the requirements of the 2008 version standard.The company uses a sound quality management system, is anxious about customers urgency, thinks about what customers think about, regards customer requirements as its pursuit and wins customers favors with high-quality and considerate after-sales service.


World Champion International Corp, founded in 2006, is a Taiwanese-funded enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing into a whole. Since its inception, the company has adhered to the tenet of "Quality First, Service Foremost", the spirit of "Dedication, Pragmatism, Innovation",the business philosophy of "Survival by Quality, Development by Benefits" and the business policy of "Pursuit of Excellence, All for Customers", made self-transcendence constantly and developed into a large-scale trailer accessories manufacturer rapidly.


The company boasts powerful technical force. At present, it has lots of CNC machining equipment, milling machines, gear-hobbing machines, wire-electrode cutting and drilling machines. All the products sell well abroad. The companys annual export capability reaches 5 million US dollars. Relying on efficient scientific and technological achievements, the company actively researched and develops new products. The featured products of the company include car axles, spindle noses, large trailer frames, small trailer frames, brake calipers, brake discs, brake drums, trailers, etc. Furthermore, the company can draw CAD or 3D drawings and develop castings, steel molds, etc. according to customer requirements.The company produces with advanced technology,strict quality control, and scientific and strict testing measures and according to customer demands, truly ensures products quality and constantly enhances customer satisfaction.

Our Team
  • MFG Department
    Manufacture department runs the basic functions, yet also the most essential functions, of our company; producing quality products. The shield of MFG Department displaying bars in 2 different directions, which represents input and output. “ZZ” is the initial of Manufacture in Chinese, “Zhi Zao.”

    Simplicity, Yet Sophisticated Result

  • R&D Department
    Research & Development Department puts the company on track, to keep up and also to lead in this industry; carrying out ideas.The shield of R&D Department displaying 3 different directions and one diamond shape in the center, which represents 3 steps, “idea testing”, “cycle testing”, and “finalize testing”, to get the best result. “YF” is the initial of Research & Development in Chinese, “Yan Fa.”

    Do, Until Breakthrough

  • QC Department
    Quality Control Department is the heart of the company, it is the key to our good reputation; Quality is a must.The shield of QC Department displaying 4 different directions and an “X” in the center, which mean they pursuit discipline in quality. “PG” is the initial of Quality Control in Chinese, “Pin Guan.”

    Quality Is Everything

  • Sales Department
    Sales Department is the arms and legs of the company, they walk the distance and service the needed; reach and provide. The shield of Sales Department displaying 5 different directions and a star in the center, which represents the 5 continents they reached and the quality services they provide. “YW” is the initial of Sales in Chinese, “Ye Wu."

    Service To Achieve Win-Win.

  • Design Department
    Design Department package the image of the vision of the company, to be unique and innovated; making ideas visualizable. The shield of Design Department displaying several diamond shapes, which represents the limitless of ideas and the uniqueness of creativities. “SJ” is the initial of Design in Chinese, “She Ji.”

    Innovation Is a Must